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We believe that photography as a medium allows us to preserve a moment, and that in a fraction of a second, we can freeze time and show truly how rich reality is. Through it we can cohesively work with our surroundings to frame a memory that can be cherished forever. So, your wedding is a moment in history that too requires deep attention and the best documentation, searching for instances that may go otherwise unnoticed.

Candid Photography is a firm believer in variety being the spice of life, and the key to keeping creativity alive. We like making things that seem ordinary, look extraordinary. Our goal is simple, document your day an a professional style and preserve moments for future generations the essence of your day – the beauty, drama, fun, individually and poignancy abundant when friends and family come together to celebrate. If there is a story to be told, it’s at your wedding…and there’s no other story like yours.


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To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

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Umesh Gupta
Dr. Malay Mehta
Shreyas Pathak
Dr. Henny Nirmal
Nisha Vyas
Jaikishan Gadhvi
Tej Dattani
Ujjwal Dombiviliker
Shiny Khajuria
Himanshu Thakker
Hiral Vadaria
Hitesh Mehta
Dr. Jolika Vachhani
Himanshu Vyas
Dr. Mitali Dhamecha
Ruchi Shah
Dr. Darshak Amin
Dr. Chintan Kaswala
Khushbu Shah
Soha Dattani
Dr. Kshitij Domadia
Bhupesh Raniga
Khevna Nagarsheth
Parth Gandhi
Dr. Ravi PAtel
Dr. Heena Patel
Priyanka Lakhani
Milan Bicá Premgi
Maulik Nathwani
Disha Karia
Sagar Thakker
Mansi Chatwani
Nisarg Shah
Daxesh Vadgama
Mukesh Rashmia
Shiven Pandya
Taslim Makhani
Riddhi Bagdev
Dr. Neil Vachhani
Dr. Pooja Jethani
मेरे बेटे आदित्य संग राशी के विवाह के अविष्मरणीय क्षणों को नेहल जी और कैंडिड फोटोग्राफी की टीम ने बहुत ही कुशलता ,शिद्दत , और तकनीकी श्रेष्ठता के साथ शूट किया , जिस के कारण विवाह के सुखद , आनन्द दायी लम्हों को जब भी देखे तो लगता है कि यह अभी हाल की ही बात है , हम कैंडिड फोटोग्राफी के स्वर्णिम भविष्य की कामना करते हैं
Umesh Gupta, RetiredUjjain

They capture us in such way that everytime you see any picture we say to ourselves, yes we haven't missed that moment or did have this moment as well results they give you never imagined super👍
Dr. Malay Mehta, Naturopathy DoctorRajkot

As the name itself Suggests, Nehal bhai Capture Truly Candid Photos.He just not capture the images, he freezes the moments which revels how reach truly reality at that time.Where else, you will go if you have an international (Directly from UK) photographer is in the town.Thank You once again Nehal bhai for making my event more special by your art and angles.
Mr Nehal has done pre wedding photoshoot for us.he is relaxed, easy going and puts everyone at ease. So blessed that he was the one who shot our memories..
Dr. Henny Nirmal, Homeopathic Vadodara

Lifetime memories with fun is called candid.Fantastic photography & fantabulous video.Really enjoyed with you every time.
Nisha Vyas, Travel ExpertRajkot

So we all see beautiful portraits of brides & grooms all around us. Least we could do is to recognize who introduced this to us. Not too long ago, we used to google & pinterest poses that we wanted to capture. Breaking the norms of conventional embarrassing wedding photography was a big task. In 2013 I saw pictures on facebook of a friend's engagement. We were quick to contact Mr. Nehal Delivala for his services for a occasions at our family. It didn't take long for us to match the wavelengths. He came across as a thorough gentleman with complete understandings of lighting & poses.
We see these annoying photographers asking us to pause at every minute so that they can click the perfect picture by murdering our moments. This guy was like a sniper assassin. He didn't crowd the Mandap. He stood far & captured the best moments from a distance without even troubling us for a minute. Having the right tools is one thing. Being able to optimize them is a rare talent.
But all this is still technicality. Mr. Nehal has covered numerous occasions in our family/group including my own wedding, but the thing that we love the most about him is that he feels family. He has the perfect understanding of every ritual & every matter. If you told him to be present at 7, he would be there at 6:30. Needless to praise his & his team's work ethic. In a tense & socially awkward environment, he would crack a joke to ease your nerves. His editing is par excellence. If you think his photography is everything, you're in for a big surprise. Its been 5 years since my sister's wedding that he covered & 3 years since he covered mine but we never get tired of watching the photos & videos. When facebook reminds us of those moments down the memory lane, all we do is bless & thank him for making our moments look so beautiful. I am not sure if I am in touch with any of the other service providers at my wedding. But this guy has been a friend since forever. When we bump into eachother, the time goes by in hours. I can officially confirm that a flying visit to Mr. Nehal is not possible. Least known fact is that he has a legit degree in Ophthalmology & has probably the finest optics store of the city. So here's to a very good friend, the best photographer I've met & a very nice human being, Mr. Nehal Delivala. All the best!
Jaikishan Gadhvi, EntrepreneurUK & India

Nehal is an amazingly detailed photographer. He takes pride in his work, and it shows in the quality of the pictures he captures. Nehal has been our photographer & videographer for a few our family weddings now, and each time the bride & groom have been overjoyed with his work. The name candid photography says it all - some of my favorite pictures have been the ones that I didn't even know he was taking. If you are looking for someone to truly capture the moment, then Nehal is your guy!
Tej Dattani, Chatared ProfessionalUSA

Look no further! The Candid Photography team are truly one of a kind. Living in Rajkot and creating memories all over the world ! Owner(Nehal Deliwala) is extremely professional- prompt with responses. He will make sure to get all the best candid shots and captured all your 'moments' which can be treasured for lifetime.
Ujjwal Dombiviliker, ProgrammerMumbai

If you want your photos to be the best from the rest then you should consider Candid Photography. Nehal bhai knows what he does and he makes you really comfortable and you enjoy your shoot a lot and the result is Amazing.
Shiny Khajuria, BloggerAhmedabad

Truly a Candid Photography. Very few Photographer deliver the video / album on time. This is one of them.
Himanshu Thakker, Interior DesignerAhmedabad

We had a great experience in candid photography. Nehal Bhai n his team was very professional, friendly and made us feel very comfortable. We had great experience and beautiful pictures. Would definitely recommend.
Hiral Vadaria, Computer ProfessionalRajkot

At first, I simply wondered what they were doing, didn't understand their movements (lying down on the floor too), camera angles, changing of lenses, etc. and then OMG😲! The photos came out absolutely stunning , they have a perfect balance of background blurriness with diffusion of beautiful colours and sharpness of the object. Every photo has its own kind of creativity, excitement and magic. Got lots of likes when I had put my photos on FB😍. I certainly think they know how to make most of light, speed
Hitesh Mehta, Chattered AccountantLondon, UK

It was a really beautiful experience with candid photography...from the beginning to end we enjoyed their work ... pictures are so beautifully taken worth to appreciate..👍
Dr. Jolika Vachhani, Dr. Jolika VachhaniDermatologist

With you we had a best memories. Whenever we check one photo of my sister's wedding and can't stop ourselves to see all. Candid photography we have not experienced once but each nd every time V get new nd best photos. And your video highlight makes so many people mesmerised. Thanks
Himanshu Vyas, Travel ExpertRajkot

Nehal is a wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. My husband and i were worried initially about our wedding pics and how they would turn out but Nehal Bhai made us so comfortable in front of camera and managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos including some funny ones that summed up our relationship perfectly. The only problem we encountered was trying to choose our favorite because there are just so many amazing shots. Thank you very much Nehal Bhai you captured our day perfectly.
Dr. Mitali Dhamecha, Dr. Mitali DhamechaMD in Pathology

Superb memories given by Team Candid 😊😊!!thank a lot for same..Nehal has become so friendly with every family member that all just wait to get clicked from his lens ..luv the work and efforts Always!!
Ruchi Shah, Education ProfesisonalAhmedabad

Fantastic Photographer and Thoroughly nice guy. We wanted the best for our Wedding and that is what we got. Don't think twice, book Nehal and his team today.
Dr. Darshak Amin, DentistUK

A jolly man with the passion for the photography...Nehal with his team knows very well what they are doing... You can’t feel tired or low while having their company.. I am satisfied with their service..👍
Dr. Chintan Kaswala, Post doctoral Fellow in Infectious DiseasesVellore

I know Nehalbhai from past 5 years when he 1st shoot my sister's wedding. It was wonderful experience so after that he shoot 3 of our family weddings including me.He is more like family member of ours. Fabulous photographer & amazing person.Thanks for making our each life event a memorable one.Anyone can actually live the event without seeing video.His pictures tells everything.
Khushbu Shah, Interior DesignerMumbai

Nehal is an amazing photographer! I met him many years ago when he was the photographer at my brother's wedding. He took such beautiful pictures that I had to have him at my wedding. Nehal's creativity, skills and professionalism allows him to capture our most memorable moments in such a unique way. Not only are his pictures wonderful, but the quality of the album and the delivery is just the cherry on top! I highly recommend Nehal; he and his team won't let you down.
Soha Dattani, Quality Control USA

Got my wedding captured by candid... Highly recommended for their creativity, professional attitude, friendly nature, punctuality. Thank you nehal bhai and d whole team of candid for creating wonderful memories..
Dr. Kshitij Domadia, OnocologistDelhi

Nehal is an amazing photographer. As the company name suggests he captures the moment without being in any way intrusive the wedding process. Nehal's jovial personality and fantastic interpersonal skills ensures a great experience on the big day, whilst his technical expertise resulted in an enviable final product, in our case in the form of our wedding photo album. Candid Photography was a great choice for us as a professional provider to capture the best moments of our wedding and allow us to treasure them forever. Excellent, professional, fun!
Bhupesh Raniga, Software EngineerUK

Amazing professionalism, commitments fulfilled on time, friendly and supportive team and most importantly the memories that they create for you are fantastic... NO EDITING is the highlight of their photography... Nehal Deliwala and the team Candid photography rock on...You guys are superb in your work. May u be at the helm of success in your field.
Khevna Nagarsheth, TeacherDubai, UAE

i did my pre-wedding photography with Candid Photography. What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s never gone forever. i strongly recommend Candid Photography. These guys are very cooperative as well. I will do work with Candid Photography again soon. Thanks for capture our wonderful photos.
Parth Gandhi, EconomistAustralia

Wedding photography is so challenging and complex. Nothing is the same ever. It is almost impossible to shoot a wedding perfectly. But this guy and his team did their level best. Composition of every single frame , moment , creative shots , portraiture photography etc was mind blowing. Trying to do all that in an 6-8 hrs period was really difficult but u guys did it. Highly recommended. 👍👍Thanks 🙏 Nehal Deliwala and Candid Team.
Dr. Ravi PAtel, CardiologistAhmedabad

Many people can't face camera so easily..I was one of them..but it was so comfortable n easy working with nehalbhai n his team..they are hard working ,creative, punctual n wonderful persons..v have done our pre wedding shoot n all functions of wedding with the team..truly saying whole journey with them was so enjoyable..v hv got very precious clicks to cherish for life long..Highly recommended 👍
Dr. Heena Patel, CardiologistAhmedabad

It was candid who has made our every event wonderful and precious. Starting from pre-wedding to reception. It has made us feel celebrity in our own life in front our own people. I just wish candid all the best wishes and good luck ahead.
Priyanka Lakhani, AdminRajkot

The best photographer I could have. Super professional, attentive to small details. Great person, sometimes I was perplexed being such a good photographer, to be very simple person. As he already knows, he became part of our family.
Milan Bicá Premgi, Procurement ProfessionalUK

As the name suggests, best in Candid photography !Very professional yet creative. They know the latest trends and come well equipped ! I was amazed by the quality of their equipment. Nehal is able to bring out the best chemistry between people and also able to capture the most important and candid moments of a function. Great work guys, keep it going ! 😃😃
Maulik Nathwani, Maulik NathwaniManager

We requested Candid Photography service on a short notice, they were very responsive to our request and provided exceptional service for our engagement wedding shoot. We ran out of time on the actual day, therefore, Nehal offered us to re-do our shoot on a different day. Amazing photos, great service. Definitely recommend this!
Disha Karia, Software ProfessionalUK

Candid Media had shot a series of wedding events for my family and I'd say that it was very good experience partnering with them. From being punctual and professional in their approach from day one of the wedding functions till the handover of relevant deliverables, the experience with Candid Media team was wonderful. I feel its their passion for Photography that drives them to deliver the best quality. I'd definitely recommend Candid Media to someone who wants to create everlasting memories of special occasions in their life. Cheers !
Sagar Thakker, Chattered AccountantAhmedabad

Great team and Beautiful Photography... Team coordinated and communicated with us smoothly at each event making it an easier experience. In fact, the team shooting felt part of the family as they didn't create any obstacles or obstructions with the equipment but blended into the setting without any troubles. As a result your service took a tension off our shoulders as we didn't need to explain anything, you knew exactly who the important faces were and understood exactly what we wanted.
Mansi Chatwani, Interior DesignerRajkot

Candid photography was absolutely incredible to work with leading up to and on our special day. Everyone was amazing that day! You will NOT be disappointed in his work, my photos are simply amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. He made sure to get every shot, and something unique that he does for ALL his brides is a bridal boot camp prior to your wedding day! He brings in a model and some experts in the field of videography to give you tips and tricks on your special day! SO worth it to go to that!
Nisarg Shah, Civil EnginnerAhmedabad

Candid photography did a fantastic job from start to finish, the level of detail they showed to capture creative and unique shots was amazing. Plus I loved how quickly we got our photoWe are loving the prints for our home and the album just blows us and our friends away every time we look at it.Nehal, we can't thank you enough!! all of us enjoyed your fun and entertaining personality!!
Daxesh Vadgama, The GroomAustralia

Entire event was covered perfectly, without any retake. Perfect in timing & all aspects.100% satisfied with result & perfection. Thanks a lot to Candid.
Mukesh Rashmia, Groom's FatherRajkot

They have a group of really talented people. Nehal has that "modern way of looking at things" mind and his team is so creative. Totally satisfied with their work. Only thing I regret is I could've utilized them better. If you are reading this better do that. I will totally recommend candid photography if you believe in recalling and revisiting memories via clicks.
Shiven Pandya, Automobile EnginnerEnvato

Excellent photos. Understood the style of photos wanted with little explanation. So friendly and cheerful throughout all the functions. All friends and family felt comfortable, humoured and respected.Loved the resulting album produced. Very professional.
Taslim Makhani, The BrideCambridge, UK

Great team work & Very decent people. Completely satisfied with the work and efforts they made to capture the beautiful memories of our function.Thank you Candid. 😊👍
Riddhi Bagdev, The BrideVeraval

A very good experience with nehalbhai...excellent have created great memories for us!....and will remember u for our next events too....😊
Dr. Neil Vachhani, Paediatrician Rajkot

U can't have a better way to capture your lifetime memories... Nehal bhai n team is always THE BEST. Baby photography is the toughest part and CANDID photography proved it to capture them in the best way possible.
Dr. Pooja Jethani, DermatologistRajkot

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